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The main task of miwenti s.r.l as the engineering company is to focus their knowledge to develop systems such as the process and injection technology for different mediums as well as to new technologies or applications with the aim to increase the performances and safety, lower production and maintenance costs and increase the efficiency of the melting process. The products and services supplied to the different steel mills world wide as well as to the major EAF engineering companies have allowed us to understand many of the existing problems and difficulties in association with the installation, management and maintenance of the different applications. Based on this knowledge miwenti s.r.l has developed, engineered and supplied unique, simple and significantly flexible system which allows adjusting, configuring and applying improvements to the process in order to meet today’s requirements and objectives of the steel plants.
Miwenti s.r.l. develops, designs and manufactures highly reliable equipment and components for use in harsh steelworks environments to meet the needs of all our customers and partners.
– It is our mission to satisfy market demand and customer needs with high quality products and services.
– Build sound customer relationships by surpassing expectations through innovation, quality workmanship and unmatched technical support and service.
– Continuous improvement on quality and production process in order to provide customers with products of high quality and reasonable costs
– Focus on innovative problem-solving solutions for operational cost reductions
– To solve specific operational problems in common as a team with the customer
– Regarding the dedicate on and qualifications of our employees as a key factor in the company’s continued success.
The company miwenti s.r.l was created 10 years ago as a consequence of the long-time experience and knowledge applied in and around the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) as well as the extensive practice in the development, engineering and manufacturing of any copper components applied in the steel plants.

In order to continue to ensure the high standard of quality, starting from the design,copper material purchase, casting, manufacturing to the finished products, miwenti s.r.l. entered into a joint venture as equal share holder of Tekno BTM, Italy a copper foundry having the experience for over 20 years to manufacture and supply products based on the copper technology to the steel industry.

Thanks to Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, perfectly integrated in the company, we are able to guarantee a full traceability of the product and a continuous monitoring of the productive process, from the offer to the delivery to the customer.
Company Name: MIWENTI
Norm: UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
Certificate: 50 100 6572 Rev. 005
Date of release – Date of Expiry: 01/03/2018 – 24/02/2019
Unit – Adress: COSTA VOLPINO – Via Cesare Battisti 88 24062 COSTA VOLPINO (BG) – ITALY
Purpose: Design, manufacture management and commissioning of equipment and processes for melt shops (IAF 18)
Accreditation Sectors: 18